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Dood Productions believes that your time in a recording studio is valuable and that preperation for a record is paramount. We offer studio clinics to artists that are planning to record in a professional studio.

Our skilled musicians and engineers prepare you for your recording studio experience to assure a time and cost effective project. We record audio and video for you to review at your own leisure and for future reference.


We offer recording packages for Indie Artists and Major Label Artists.

Demo - EP and Full Length Album


Microphones Control Room Instruments
AKG Perception 420 Mackie Sub-Mix Board 1402-VLZ 1927 Howard Baldwin Upright Piano
Vintage Shure 55S

Tascam 1800-US

Emenee Electric Air Organ
Shure Beta 52A Behrigner MX9000 Technics Keyboard KN2000
Shure Drum Mic Kit PGDMK6XLR Yamaha Live Recording Board MD 4 Premier Drum Kit
Shure SM57's & Shure SM58's Mackie Tracktion Zildjian Ride 20"
  Adobe Soundbooth Zildjian Crash 16"
  Pro Tools 10 Zildjian HiHats 14"
  JBL-225 Zildjian Wuhan 12"
  Philips CDR CDR 785  
  Kenwood EQ KE 294  
  Fisher Stereo Amp CA 9535  
  Fisher Tape Deck CR-W9535
  Fisher Receiver FM 9535  









Studio Layout




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