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DOOD Productions guides the professional career of an artist or band in the entertainment industry. Our firm will oversee the day-to-day business affairs and counsel talent concerning business matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may impact their career.

Our main job is to help with determining decisions related to career moves, bookings, promotion, business deals and recording contracts. It can be extensive and may include similar duties to that of a press agent, promoter, booking agent, business manager (who are usually certified public accountants), tour managers, and sometimes even a personal assistant.

We assist our clients with finding music producers and developing relationships with record companies, publishers, agents, and the public.

Founder, Adam Oppedisano, has been servicing the music industry for over 30 years. He is an artist as well as a music industry guru.

He is a singer/songwriter, drummer and pianist that has experience with live performance and studio recording.

Adam was born in Massachusetts. His toddler years were spent in Winter Hill but at age four his family moved to Malden. He attended Malden Public Schools and graduated from Malden High School in 1991. He attended the Berkeley School of Music summer program from 9th grade until 12th grade as well.

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Adam exhibits extensive knowledge and skills in the following
(not a complete list)

Sound Engineer
Studio & Live Production Engineer
Management and Tour Planner
Marketing, Sales and Promotion


1981-1985 Studied percussion and piano - Attempted guitar.

1985-1986 Purchased 1st drum kit from Freddie G's in Malden, Massachusetts. It was a 5 piece, red Premier APK Rock Series with Zildjian Cymbols and DW hardware.

1986-1987 Formed 1st band, Vandal. Played 1st live performance at Jr. High Variety Show. Focused on percussion. Began writing lyrics, poems and short stories.

1988 Recreated Vandal with alternate members in high school. Studied piano-self-taught.

1987-1991 Formed and played for multiple bands including heavy metal, blues, jazz, classic rock, big band and hip hop. Attended music theory and composition courses at Berkeley School of Music. Began composing songs on piano with lyrics.

1991-1994 Hired for many studio recording projects. Was recruited for local band Black N'Brooz'd from Arlington, Massachusetts. Opened for Lizzy Borden, among other bands.

1994-1995 Took a break from percussion and drums to dedicate time to composing music on my piano and lyric writing. Composed and recorded more than 150 songs in less than a year. Also did a lot of reading and studying music theory and composition.

1995-1998 Founded a punk-ska band, Krawl. Dedicated most of my time to Krawl, touring to support our music at multiple venues, while supporting my local music scene.

1998-2000 Experimented with live recording for local bands in the Detroit area.

2000-today Took a break from performing live to focus on writing and composing songs on piano for studio recording.Studied sound engineering and studio production. Began scouting talent for record labels and producers. Recorded, produced and engineered unsigned and indie artists.

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