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Kala Farnham
Kala Farnham has been performing music all her life; she is a longtime student of the classical masters with a knack for out-of-the-box creativity.

At age three she learned her first notes on a toy piano. At age seven she graced the stage playing Mozart concertos and Chopin nocturnes.

Since then, daily musical creativity has been the defining factor of Kala's life.

Some say "she is playful", "has youthful energy / intensity", "she is hope-inspiring" and "she is recreating vintage 70s folk with a classical complexity and theatrical flare!"

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Valarie Wedge Is an exciting upcoming artist with a soulful, alternative indie sound. She began singing at a young age and quickly realized that a career in music was on her horizons.

Val performs regularly at "all ages" shows. She consistantly wins competitions and has been recognized by many music professionals as the "next big thing!"

She is currently working on lyrics and music as well as arrangements for her highly anticipated first album.

Val is a force to be reckoned with and her determination is leading her down the right path to suceed in the music industry, whatever her goals might be.

Off The Clock
Though a one man show the sharp as a knife melodic indie/alternative piano jockey with soulful raspy vox is sure to entice your endorphins.

From age 5 years old on music ran through Adam's veins like the Nile River runs through Africa. A short stint with guitar lessons lead him to drums, piano and vocals. By age 14 he was performing shows as a solo artist as well as with a band.

Later years took Adam on the road touring and recording full length albums where he found a new interest...the recording studio - composing, engineering and producing.

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4 Boars
Rockin 5 piece band with a touch of blues a touch of rock and a whole lot of talent.

A Solid Rock Alternative 5 piece band from Massachusetts. Blues and classic rock feel with soulful vocals. Backbeat is solid and leads are harmonious!

Catch them around the Foxborough and Wrentham, MA area for an intimate yet heart-stopping live performance.


Krawl - Livin' on the edge of punk, ska, alternative and In Your Face!


Imagine an Alternative band with punk and ska backbeats, shredding guitar riffs, booming bass and "in your face vocals"...then add adrenoline! That's Krawl!

Get ready to mosh and dance!

And be ready to sweat!

The Participants
The Participants are a dynamic three-piece alternative rock band!

Comprised of Aaron Morgan on guitar and vocals, Jason Norman on bass, and Nathan Fiorentino on drums.

Mixing heavy distorted guitar riffs with chaotic chord usage, erratic and winding basslines, and loud intricate jazz-influenced drumwork...

The Participants are ready to rock your socks off!



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