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Kala Farnham  
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Kala Farnham has been performing music all her life; she is a longtime student of the classical masters with a knack for out-of-the-box creativity.

At age three she learned her first notes on a toy piano. At age seven she graced the stage playing Mozart concertos and Chopin nocturnes. In high school she was already establishing herself as a working musician, regularly hired to accompany schools' theatrical productions; in college, she furthered her studies in music technology, composition, and jazz. Since then, daily musical creativity has been the defining factor of Kala's life.


With a broad array of musical influences, Kala's songwriting caters to a wide audience, characterized by elements of celtic and traditional folk, art pop, and jazz. She has been praised for her intricate piano work, enlightening yet relatable lyricism, and versatile vocal styling.

She cites her classical background as a prominent influence, inspired by the passion of the romantics, the musical landscapes of the impressionists, and the bold experimentation of 20th century composers.

Of modern day performers, she is most impacted by the piano techniques of Regina Spektor, Billy Joel, and Tori Amos, as well as the insightful lyricism and traditional songwriting style of 70s folk artists Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell.


Kala has shared the stage with the likes of Don McLean, Christine Ohlman, Brian Jarvis (supporting act of Sister Hazel's 2010 tour), Mikey Wax (CBS's Ghost Whisperer soundtrack, iTunes top 100 pop chart) and Dave Munro of Air Traffic Controller ("Best Indie Rock Act" of the 2010 Boston Music Conference).

She has appeared at such venues as The Garde Arts Center, The Regent Theater, The Bushnell's Autorino Hall, Six Flags New England, The Plaza at Patriots Place, and the Dubliner at Mohegan Sun Casino.

Kala has fully immersed herself as a full-time working musician, dividing her time between diverse projects outside of her solo music career including original pop-rock band The Insurance, party/dance band The Booty Shakers, and employment as a professional cocktail-wedding-church singer & pianist.

In addition to performing, Kala works behind the scenes in live and studio music production, learning the ins and outs of the music business. In 2011 and 2012 she had the opportunity to provide technical support for The Guess Who, Foghat, Little Big Town, Easton Corbin, and Bachman-Turner at Connecticut's Woodstock Fair.

• Bradley Playhouse Talent Show: Best Vocalist & Audience Favorite - 2005
• Single "Eight Months" - #12 on KIAC Radio Alternative Chart
• Single "Beat" - #1 song in's Electronic Music competition - May 2007
"Top 10 Albums of Year" (Naked Honest: Kala Farnham Live 2009) alongside Robert Plant, Jeff Beck, Grace Potter - Paul Rosano of
• Boston's "Steve Katsos Show" featured performer 2010
• Boston's "Big Sauce Radio" featured performer 2011
• Artist to Watch - June 2011
• Studio keyboardist - Gail Wade's "October Moon" - Signature Sounds Studio, Ashford, CT
• Special guest opening performance for Don McLean @ The Garde Arts Center - August 2012
• Nominated for Best Singer-Songwriter in the CT Grand Band Slam - 2012
• Opening performance for twice Grammy-nominee Al Copley - October 2012


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"Kala Farnham's show at our coffeehouse tonight blew everyone away. That young woman has so much talent it's shocking. The beautiful melodies, complex arrangements with classical and Broadway chops mixed every now and then with Billy Joel, the complete confidence and utter humility..." - Stephen Holloway, Harbor Church Common Ground Coffeehouse (Block Island)

"From the moment I walked in I was struck by the sound of a young woman’s voice. She was set up in the cafe playing solo, accompanying herself on a Yamaha electric piano. As I walked around I kept being drawn to the woman’s accomplished classical-leaning playing and her smooth, proficient and captivating vocals..." - Paul Rosano (read the whole article here)

"Kala Farnham composes a music based in piano playing and has a very emotional voice. Her music is deeply felt and is sung sincerely. Honestly I'm waiting for her new songs. A promising talent that if its constant has wonderful songs in her." - from KIAC radio

"Kala Farnham is one of the most talented human beings I've ever met. The songs that she write are deep, introspective, and beautiful. Her piano playing abilities are unbelievable, and her voice is like gold." - Review of Kala's demo cd "Raincloud"

"Kala Farnham is extremely talented. She is definitely going somewhere. The lyrics in her songs are extraordinary, any person can connect to the songs. This album is a must have for everyone into something new and exotic; it is not a waste." - Review of "Raincloud"

"Great piano and keyboard playing. Kala is an excellent singer songwriter with a very expressive and emotional voice and should I say personal; her voice is distinctive. Even most important for me is the originality in songs like Beat (an amazing song), Distortions or the wonderful ballad Raincloud. I..m looking forward to hear more too." - CDbaby review

"I listen to a lot of CDs. Many of them, like this one, are from piano-oriented singer-songwriters. I find Ms. Farnham's music particularly striking - the piano work is fantastic, the lyrics are eloquent (and serious without being melodramatic). I'm sure college radio is her primary audience, but there's a lot here for those of us old enough to remember when "Little Earthquakes" was released. I'm looking forward to hearing more." - CDbaby review

"Kala, I happened to find your website and all I can say is “Wow!” I enjoyed your songs so much I listened to all of them twice. Keep it real and from the heart. You’ll go far. In peace, Brandon"

"Kala, I just can't say enough how awesome your live performance was. I just wanted to tell you, don’t sell yourself short... Trust me, your dreams are what keep your heart and your spirit strong… Can’t wait for your next performance." - listener

"Kala Farnham is paving the way for alternative folk rock music." - Six Flags

"I don't know what's more enchanting, your lyrics or your voice." - listener

"Kala is a performer not to be missed. The delicate beauty of her vocals and piano playing will leave a lasting impression." - from

"She's the best singer I've heard so far. She should be a star. Good luck to you Kala. - Love, Linda & Chris"

"She evokes, in me, feeling reminiscent of my first first encounters with a James Taylor, a Janis Ian or a Sheryl Crow. Honest and delicate musings coupled with authorities well crafted vocals and lush instrumentation, a quality of production that stirs the heart and Goosebumps the flesh." - Musician Ed Talbot

Raincloud EP 2008

1. Wrong Time
2. Beat
3. Distortions
4. Raincloud
5. Live Without You
6. Time and Circumstances
7. Eight Months

Listen Here

Naked Honest: Live 2009

1. I Was a Fool
2. Riverboat
3. Earthbound
4. Distortions
5. Black Oil
6. Naked Honest
7. The Hill
8. Page Out of a Diary
9. Songbird
10. Wrong Time
11. Shards of Snow
12. Raincloud

Listen Here

The Lotus Effect 2011

1. Song Singer
2. Laid Out to Dry
3. Rose Colored Glasses
4. Miss You So Bad
5. Strong Enough
6. Build Me Up
7. Empty Hands

Listen Here

Anahata: Wake Up Your Heart 2014

1. Naked Honest
2. Wake Up Your Heart
3. Niantic Bay
4. Songbird
5. Singin' Along (Sparrow's Song)
6. House of the Rising Sun
7. Pencil & Ink
8. By Your Side
9. Mon Cher
10. Ruthless
11. La Coupe
12. Anam Cara
13. Maitri

Listen Here


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